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Today supply chains compete against supply chains, which means your suppliers should be part of your battle against your competition. You only get them to join this battle by engaging them and working with them towards greater value creation. This is the reason why we made this e-book to help you get your suppliers and stakeholders engaged.

Creating real value in procurement with real impact on the business is key if procurement wants to earn a chair at the leadership table. This will only happen if procurement delivers realvalue, and not ‘only’ cost savings. Supplier management should be a core part of the overall responsibility of procurement, and below we have described seven simple initiates with greatimpact.

The focus of the seven initiatives is to work with existing suppliers on creating value because this is the simplest and best approach to real value creation. It is a far easier approach than having to replace existing suppliers, as the new suppliers need to be implemented fully before real value can be generated.

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