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The Cost Saving Handbook cover

The Cost Saving Handbook

This ebook provides you with a range of ideas on cost reduction and how it can be done in your business. Even if your business is not suffering during this crisis, this e-book is still relevant and offers you more opportunities to create greater cost savings, as you will have more levers to offer suppliers to gain cost reductions in return.
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The SRM Handbook cover

The SRM Handbook

This e-book is based on a research on the subject and many years of practical experience working in procurement and with suppliers. It was written because we saw many procurement leaders being unsure of how to establish and manage a value creating supplier relations management (SRM) program.
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The SRM Business Case cover

The SRM Business Case

This assessment is to help you better understand the benefits of building an SRM program. It will take you through your process including costs and expenses related to your business to get an estimation of the value created.
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Supplier Management 7 Initiatives Handbook cover

Supplier Management 7 Initiatives

Today supply chains compete against supply chains, which means your suppliers should be part of your battle against your competition. You only get them to join this battle by engaging them and working with them towards greater value creation. This is the reason why we made this e-book to help you get your suppliers and stakeholders engaged.
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The Sustainable Negotiations Handbook cover

The Sustainable Negotiations Handbook

This whitepaper aims to explore the implications of these major global events for supplier negotiations, offering the reader advice on the inherent opportunities and how to capture them best.
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SRM Opportunity Assessment cover

SRM Opportunity Assessment

This diagnostic and assessment tool is to help measure an organization's level of SRM maturity and capabilities across a series of business categories and best practices.
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