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In any type of business, the role of suppliers cannot be undermined. Furthermore, onboarding new suppliers and managing the existing suppliers can be quite complex, data-intensive and time-consuming, If you want to do it right.

You need to ensure you have easy access to all your supplier performance relationship and compliance data to be proactive in your supplier management. And this is where a supplier management solution becomes paramount.

In the absence of proactive supplier management, you just increase total cost of ownership and risk of the business.

Managing supplier relationships, performance, quality, risk, and compliance can be hard with:

  • A lack of relevant & real-time information available, which results in unproductive meetings.
  • Failure to keep track of tasks, projects, and action follow-ups.
  • The inability to easily share data with your suppliers, internal and external stakeholders, teams, and colleagues, causes delays.
  • The use of outdated information gathering systems.
  • No easy way to know who’s responsible for what.
  • Inefficient workflow structure.

It’s time to proactively manage suppliers.

LeadLinking RELATIONS is an easy-to-use SaaS solution that helps companies manage supplier relationships, performance, quality, risk and compliance under one platform engage your suppliers with their supplier scorecard and intuitive workflows to increase value across the supply chain, identify supplier value leakage and take measures to cut unnecessary costs associated risks and ensure compliance.

RELATIONS supports and automates the following processes:

  • Supplier pre-qualification and on-boarding.
  • Supplier contract management.
  • Supplier delivery & quality performance tracking.
  • Supplier relationships management.
  • Supplier scorecarding.
  • Supplier data sharing & collaboration.
  • Supplier action & project planning.
  • Supplier RFIs & self-assessments.
  • Seamless data integration to/from ERPs and BI solutions etc.

RELATIONS have been carefully crafted with the user front and center. Intuitive, consistent, simple, and powerful — the goal is to add value, not frustration.

It enables smooth, efficient, and real-time collaboration across the value chain. So, every user can get all the benefits of our user-based designs, whether it be a Category Manager, CPO, Assistant, or Supplier.

Having spent more than 100,000 hours creating practical solutions that solve very complex problems and generate great value for every enterprise, LeanLinking delights in delighting you.

Visit RELATIONS product page for more in-depth details.

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