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LeanLinking Team
January 25, 2017

ITG’s Significant Improvement in Supplier Performance – Case Study

The Inspired Thinking Group (ITG) is a ‘below the line’ technology-led marketing services business in UK and US that improves the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its clients’ marketing departments. Supplier deliveries and speed of problem solving is an important part of ITG’s customer service across +40 client teams.


  • The requirement for a company-wide view of supplier service and delivery performance, to all client teams across the organization.
  • Ensure senior supplier management has visibility of reported issues and input into remedial activities.
  • Quantify the impact and cost of failure and seek recovery where necessary.
  • Promote high performing suppliers amongst client teams.


  1. The LeanLinking Non-Conformance Report (NCR) & Review modules were included, providing the client teams with a common approach for capturing supplier feedback and delivery issues.
  2. The NCRs are made visible to suppliers in real-time over the online platform, as is the coordination and feedback of corrective actions.
  3. When closing an NCR, the suppliers’ handling of the NCR is rated and allows for supplier benchmarking.
  4. Supplier performance data extracted from LeanLinking and imported to ITG’s SRM scorecard dashboard.


  • LeanLinking trained and supported ITG’s super users.
  • ITG super users trained ITG users via online training sessions.
  • ITG on-boarded first 30 suppliers within first 14 days via online sessions, use of user guides manuals and online videos.
  • After 4 months the solution is fully integrated into daily business operations across more than +30 ITG client teams, +100 suppliers and +200 users on the supplier side.
  • Continuous improvement projects have been initiated with selected ‘focus suppliers’ identified via LeanLinking to improve supplier performance.


  • After 4 months a significant improvement in supplier attitude, responsiveness and performance, all of which help support ITG’s focus on Customer Service.
  • After 4 months 92% of spend on-boarded on LeanLinking.
  • Investment in Lean Linking recovered within 2 months
  • Supplier ratings enable promotion of high performing suppliers and targeted focus for poor performers.

This message is approved by Jeremy Jones, SRM Manager at ITG.

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Case Study
LeanLinking Team
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